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PNR complete a SYSPRO case study of one of its largest clients. View the scale of the business and the results

Does your company turn over R245 Million a month, take four hours to do its system month end and then balance to the cent, every time, across all modules - including Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing?    No?

PNR have recently completed a case study of a customer they have been involved with from the very start of their SYSPRO Implementation Project through to its final sign-off and their ongoing SYSPRO Support.  It is a large, nationally known company which PNR are very proud to be associated with. 

Some facts about our customer:

v They average approximately R245 million per month in Sales

v They produce approximately 10 000 Invoices per month for approximately 12 000 active accounts

v They handle approximately 5000 truck deliveries and dispatches to and from their plant every month

v They produce approximately 4000 Purchase Orders per month

v They experience approximately 100 000 inventory transactions a month

v One of their biggest customers has over 200 000 entries against their account every month

v They supply the largest supermarket chains in the country

v They employ no in-house SYSPRO Support staff, relying exclusively on PNR for support

Some facts about their system:

Despite the size and complexity of their business, our client has not failed to balance to the cent, every month in the last eighteen months.

Their Month End takes approximately four hours to run and includes all SYSPRO Modules - finance, distribution and manufacturing - and also includes their entire monthly statement run.

PNR was responsible for the initial System Specification, the Project Management, the Data Manipulation, the Testing and the final implementation of SYSPRO approximately two years ago.   PNR has been responsible for their SYSPRO Support since that time

We have asked why this company’s experience with SYSPRO has been so successful:

In recording the details involved in this case study, we have asked ourselves why this clients ERP experience has been so successful compared with those of certain other companies.   And of course, being involved with them from the very beginning, we were able to compare their processes and systems with others that we have had experience with.

These are the salient points that we have identified:

The Implementation Project Team

From its inception, the customer’s project team members knew exactly what they wanted from the system.  They conveyed to the implementers exactly what they required in a way that illustrated the fact that they knew their business well and were skilled in their own particular area.   From PNR’s side, because of the accurate information we were supplied with, we were able to apply our knowledge and experience to advise them and create an accurate specification within SYSPRO, to duplicate the functionality required.   

Ownership of the System

From the very beginning, our customer took ownership of their system.  Instead of complaining that SYSPRO did not function in exactly the same way that their previous system had, they learned how to get the best from SYSPRO and have never given up trying to improve their knowledge and use of it.


Without doubt, Management has been the principal driving force in providing the company with an accurate and reliable ERP System.     Their Financial Director and IT Manager specifically have shown excellent leadership skills in constantly requesting assistance from PNR in regards to SYSPRO knowledge and experience and more importantly have trusted and adopted all system recommendations given to them.

Staff and Users

Despite the lip service many companies give to valuing their staff and the knowledge their staff possess, we have seen many instances of blame being laid at the door of an ERP System, when in fact the company in question is poorly managed and suffers from high staff turnover and a lack of efficient and experienced personnel.  High staff turnover can always be traced back to poor management and will ALWAYS end with problems with the system.   Constantly losing staff that have become familiar with the ERP System is a recipe for data disaster.

In the case of our customer, the people that we trained in SYSPRO two years ago are still there and the majority has been with the company for many years.   They know their job very well and do it in SYSPRO exceedingly well. 

Total Cost of Ownership

In relation to it's size, our customer had a fairly tight budget for their new system implementation which was one of the reasons why SYSPRO was chosen in the first place as opposed to one of the higher priced systems available.   PNR completed the implementation in budget and have strived to offer a cost effective service ever since.   But, something that has really set this customer apart from many others is their willingness to trust experts to advise them and an understanding that investment in the system will result in a lower total cost of ownership in the medium to long term.     


Our service to this company has reinforced what our experience has taught us over many years in the industry –

v That SYSPRO is a world class ERP System capable of efficiently managing the biggest companies in South Africa

v That a disciplined implementation will ALWAYS produce the best results  

v That with good management, experienced staff that know their job and remain with the company, and the backing of a top SYSPRO Support Company, there is nothing that SYSPRO cannot achieve

v That trust in the recommendations of an experienced SYSPRO Support Company will result in an efficient and cost effective system.

v That short sighted managers who insist on cutting corners to make budget will……….  well we have all seen the end result of that scenario

We hope this case study, backed up by some real world facts and results may be of use to any company looking to SYSPRO as its future ERP System.  And for those companies that may not have had the best experience with the implementation of whatever system they currently use, or are experiencing ongoing problems, perhaps they might find some value here.

The company’s details above show that the size and complexity of a company is not the determining factor in ERP System Success.  

So, given the above, its worth asking the question again .......  Does your company turn over R245 Million a month, take four hours to do its month end and then balance to the cent, every time, across all modules?

Makes you think a bit doesn't it!