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Peppadew International chooses PNR to develop and upgrade their processing and manufacturing software.

Peppadew International (PTY) Ltd has long been fastidious in the manufacture of their very popular and internationally recognised food products.

Now, in order to provide even greater control over their fruit receiving, processing and manufacturing processes, PNR have been commissioned to develop and completely update their current software.

In the first stage of the implementation, particular emphases is being placed on the accuracy of Laboratory Data and the ability to more precisely monitor every fruit batch received throughout the manufacturing process.    With the system interfacing with weighing scales at each station during preparation, the weight and quality of each fruit batch can be tracked, providing information on weight loss due to moisture evaporation or other causes.   This ensures that important data can be collated on each batch as it is processed allowing for the monitoring of the efficiency of the process itself.   

Automated messaging allows SMS and email notifications to be sent to farmers informing them of laboratory and statutory grading results relevant to their deliveries and the system will also interface with the current employee payroll system.  This, together with data collected during processing will enable comprehensive reporting on labour and overall production costs.  

Future phases will include the automation of temperature control and other aspects of the manufacturing process, an employee identification system that includes photographs and identification cards and further tracking of batches to the point of dispatch. 

Peppadew are long time SYSPRO users and have been a customer of PNR Software Solutions for more than five years.   PNR will be ensuring that data from the new system integrates fully with SYSPRO, utilizing SYSPRO Business objects